Demo Submission

Demo Submission

Demo Submission? If you’re looking for a netlabel to release your music, think about the possibility of releasing your music with Meridian. You can send your music to our email address, we will give you feedback as soon as possible. Are you looking for a netlabel for your experimental album? Meridian is the right place. We are looking forward to hearing new sounds from you, so just send an email. If your music will fit with Meridian, we’ll be releasing it.

Music is released for free. Our music is downloadable from and Sonic Squirrel. Meridian is fully involved in the netlabel scene and its activity is completely non-commercial. We release our music on these selected sites and we operate away for the music business. We don’t sell, we don’t buy.

We offer these features:

-release via our site

-your music available via and Sonicsqurrel

-your music will be free to download

-keep your rights (we don’t want them)

-no money involved

-organic audience (that’s one of the main benefits of netlabels)

Don’t contact us, if want to start a commercial deal with a label. We don’t make commercial deals. Meridian is a non-commercial netlabel and we only focus on music. Don’t ask us about rights, royalties, or other stuff that are usually related to a label. We don’t make contracts. We just release your music on some platforms and on our site. That’s all. We sure promote our catalog, but don’t expect a massive promo campaign for your experimental EP. You should promote yourself first. By the way, we use the internet and social networks for promotional purposes. We cannot guarantee any promotional activity for your music.

Contact us if you want to release your music for free in a very easy way and enjoy the free download attitude. Being in a netlabel is an exciting experience for artists and listeners will enjoy free download music. Everybody is happy. 🙂

Write to and join Meridian.


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We release under this License:

Creative Commons License
All music and sounds are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.